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The GM after letting the players have their way for 5 minutes


Tulwar Sword

  • Dated: 17th century
  • Culture: Indian
  • Measurements: 86 cm in overall length

Of rare type, the atypical steel hilt suggests an early transitional Indo-Muslim form, finely inlaid overall in silver geometrical motifs and with toggle to pommel, the blade finely forged of pattern-welded Damascus and inscribed with Arabic inscriptions including the name of ‘Ali.

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Dimebag Darrell spoke to Guitar World in May 2002 about the Pantera song he would most like to be remembered for.

"If I had to pick just one, I’d go with the powerful, off-the-cuff statement that is ‘Fucking Hostile.’

"When it came out it definitely set the tone and pace for what we were about. I also think our boy Philip got it perfectly right lyrically and we got it perfectly right musically.

"So I believe that if somebody heard this song 500 million years from now, they’d go, ‘Goddamn, these motherfuckers knew what they were talking about and sure had their jamming skills down’. Plus, I think people will always be hostile, which is another reason I went with this one."


Pantera - Fucking Hostile

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It may be a while before I have the internet in my apartment.  At least I have heat now!  To all my followers and those I talk to on here, don’t think I’m ignoring you and such.  Just having net issues at the moment, plus the transition period and…blargh.  It’s just crazy.


buying clothes that aren’t black is hard


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Is it a full moon out…

or is everyone on tumblr just looking at porn at the same time right now lol


LOTR Illustrated Guitar by Vivian Xiao

Exquisitely detailed enough to be crafted in the forest realm of Lothlórien, this beauteous guitar was not forged by elf nor man, but by 16 year Vivian Xiao with sharpie markers! Depicting Nazgul, Minas Tirith, and even the all-seeing Eye of Sauron, this divinely-engraved instrument could surely inspire even more Led Zeppelin songs. Check put Vivian’s website for details on purchasing and commissions.

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MY PRECIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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This looks…interesting

This looks…interesting

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Not sure if I should be confused or turned on

Not sure if I should be confused or turned on

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